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John N's Jukebox is always online

Because transposition from cable to glassfiber connection,
are my own Palace and Radio Servers temporarily offline.

Jukebox in Frames
Click on the Jukebox.
Choose your music.

Listen in the meantime to John N's Jukebox in frames.
This jukebox uses an external server,
which also works, if my computer is offline.

Rdaio Nautilus

John N's Radio Station Nautilus

Media plugin for the radio. Mostly daily online 24/7

If you have Winamp then Listen via Winamp with song information.
To hear my Shoutcast radio in your favorite media player,
load URL in your player: http://john-n.mine.nu:8000.

Mostly daily online 24/7 with international juke box
and from 19 to 24 UT with selected world music, see our planning.

Universal time

Mostly Daily online from 24/7 with International Jukebox

Weekly program planning for 19 to 24 UT - With exceptions

Day of the week

Genre for the music

German, Italian and World music
Celtic, Irish and Dutch music
Country & Rock and Oldies
Caribbean and South American
The Netherlands and Oversea
Jukebox with World music
Jazz, Blues and Soul music
Total CD's

20 CD's
24 CD's
30 CD's
25 CD's
24 CD's
many CD's
20 CD's

German, Italian, English
British, Irish and Dutch
American English
English and Spanish
Several languages

We play random songs in the selected genre or make special selections.
Alterations in the programming reserved.

The electronic staff members of our radio station are captain Nemo
and his disc jockeys Mary, Carol, Mike, Sydney and Peter.

Nemo's Nautilus
The electric energy powered submarine Nautilus
of captain Nemo in Jules Verne's book.

International News and Weather | German | Dutch | French | British | Australian | Canadian | American

Clocks and time zones for North America | Caribbean | South America | Africa |
Europe | Russian Federation | Near East | Far East | Australia

Our atomic world clock

Your local computer time!

This clock is based on your computer clock.
Set your clock now on the right time via our atomic clock.
Also with times for many world cities
with sunrise and sunset.

John N's Palace - Spaceship Nautilus

The Palace is a graphical virtual chat environment with 2d rooms, custom avatars, music and games.
You have to download and install the Palace Client first to view a Palace.
Click on our link for free download .. !!

John N's Palace


If you have the Palace Client, then visit now starship Nautilus
docked at John N's Palace, with virtual graphical chat.

Stargate device

The Palace Client program works like a Stargate to visit our virtual worlds.
Click here for the free latest version.

Voyages to our solar system, stellar nebulae and far away galaxies.
Also voyages to Science Fiction space and sightseeing for sailing ships and seascapes.
Several jukeboxes with many songs in the rooms to please you.

Languages: English, Dutch, German. Rating: All ages.
Palace server online status: Open 24/7. 

To visit this palace, you need to have the palace client installed.
For free downloading the Palace Client, see  John N's Palace Web site!

Caribbean Palace Bon Bini

Palace Bon Bini


If you have the Palace Client then visit also Palace Bon Bini.

Welcome to Bon Bini ... we are an adult Palace for everyone.
We have chatrooms to stay, music to download, art to watch
and also we have nice tours for all kinds of life style.
Seaside beaches and educations .. and nice wizzes to talk to .. come and stop.

Categories: art, avatars, education, music, romance, social life, travelling.
Languages: English, Dutch and German. Rating: Adult.
Palace server online status: Open 24/7.

To visit this palace, you need to have the palace client installed.
For free downloading the Palace Client, see Palace Bon Bini Web site!

John N's Palace - Caribbean Pirates Tour and other Tours

John N's Palace

John N's Palace: palace://john-n.mine.nu:9998

jacky2 jack1 jacky1 jack2 jacky3

Do the Pirates Tour at John N's Palace and get a pirate avatar.
You can only do the tour and get an avatar, if you use the Palace Client
and come as a Palace adult member.

You can find more of our favorite palaces in the Alphabetic Palace Friends List.

My Personal Palace Server is online since August 1998
My Shoutcast Radio Server is online since September 2006

My Palace server: john-n.mine.nu:9998
My Shoutcast radio: john-n.mine.nu:8000
My Palace web site: john-n.webhop.info


No royalty rates for webcasters but free music online!

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